The Specific Use of Ball

The Ball Mill users all know that they should take good care of ball mill in order to extend its service life. There are many factors that influence ball mill’s service life, we will explain the specific use of ball mill and related factors following: The main factor is that we should keep ball mill in good maintenance, eliminate the defects disease, to ensure the normal operation of grinding Ball Mill Machine. Besides daily maintenance, it is still need regular maintenance every month. Minggong Machine engineer suggest customers’examine the hollow shaft , main bearing, barrel, reducer, gear, carefully and make detailed records. According to the defects, make proper repair and overhaul plan and arrangement.There are literally thousands of Ball Mills in use throughout the world, many of them in the cement industry. Few installations have a comprehensible method of controlling and recording exactly what ball size distribution is in, or should be in, the Ball Mill. As mills are supplied for ever increasing capacities, the ball size distribution and wear exact a tremendous effect on the profitability of producing finish cement. Improper size distribution or filling level of the ball charge can easily reduce the efficiency of grinding (possible production rate) by 5% to 20%. Relating an efficiency loss of only 5% for a mill with a capacity of 150 Stph, results in a loss of saleable cement at $90/Ston of $5.0 million per year. Online, real time information from the grinding process has aided in the attempt to reach peak performance, but for many grinding installations, maintenance of the grinding media remains in the dark ages.Since the hardness of ores is an unchangeable factor, we should adopt an positive attitude in the production, to high hardness ores. For example, we can find out the operation conditions, such as discharge concentration and the amount of returning sand by testing. Ores should be reduced to as small size as possible in crushing system….