The Role of Motivation in Human Life

Human life is a series of various events and actions, the achievement of goals. Everyone strives to become successful, to find happiness and harmony. However, everything in life is far from simple, and success from heaven does not fall. Therefore, we must be prepared to work on ourselves, not to complain about fate, but to change what does not suit us. For this, desire alone is not enough.

How many people want to quit smoking but cannot! How many people dream of losing weight, playing sports or learning a foreign language! Everyone wants, everyone dreams, but only things are still there, as they say … And why? Because to realize your desires, you need incredible willpower, determination and … motivation!

Motivation is what makes you wake up early in the morning and, despite the bad weather, run cross-country. Motivation is what helps you to rise and move forward when you want to quit and give up. This is a loyal assistant in all matters. Correct motivation, capable of killing laziness and rejecting all excuses, is half the success. Consider what it is.

Firstly, it can be external and internal. External motivation is an opportunity to receive encouragement from society: praise, prizes, money. Perhaps everyone wants to be a wealthy person, have a high social status and public recognition. This is external motivation, which makes one act for certain benefits. Intrinsic motivation is characterized by the desire to meet the needs for self-development and the realization of abilities.

In this case, external factors do not play a key role, the main thing is the process of activity itself, which gives pleasure. Intrinsic motivation is more significant in terms of personal growth. So, a person can work without any incentives from outside only for self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. He will take complex tasks to prove himself that he is able to cope with them. The strength of internal motivation is great, since it depends only on the person himself and his worldview, this is a kind of inner core that does not allow you to lose heart.

Motivation can also be positive or negative. Suppose a girl goes in for sports to lose weight and fit into her favorite dress; or a travel enthusiast learns a foreign language to visit different countries. These are examples of positive motivation. In other words, the person himself determines the reward for achieving the goal.

And when the same girl hangs on the fridge a photo of a cow, a hippopotamus or another large, awkward animal, and even with a formidable inscription: “Do not eat after six, otherwise you will become like that!” – there will already be negative motivation. At the same time, a person thinks about the negative consequences of his action (or inaction), trying to avoid them. Both types of motivation are equally effective, especially when combined.

However, often it is negative motivation that is stronger. For example, a person abandons bad habits when faced with life-threatening diseases. The “carrot method” turns out to be more effective than the “carrot method”, since in difficult moments the positive image seems to be very distant and unattainable, and the negative one is very close, literally hanging over your head.

It is impossible not to say about the sustainability of motivation. It is enough for some people to draw a bright life ahead of themselves once with rainbow colors and no longer turn off the planned path, while others need constant reinforcement and support. Unstable motivation can, in the end, lead to the collapse of plans – laziness does not sleep and, with the slightest relaxation, draws a person in.

Therefore, in any undertaking, it is necessary to ensure the sustainability of motivation. In this case, an ordinary dispute can become a powerful assistant. One has only to make a serious bet, as there is an additional desire – the desire to win at all costs and prove to the opponent their worth. In this case, the more people know about the dispute, the greater the effect, the higher the incentive for activity.

How many times people deceive themselves by promising to “start a new life” from Monday, from summer, from the new year … But you can deceive yourself with impunity: no one knows about this failure anyway, which means you can continue to live calmly as if nothing had happened . It’s a completely different matter when a person publicly declares his readiness to change something in life! In this case, along with personal motivation, there is a desire “not to hit the face” in front of others, to establish oneself in society as a person worthy of respect. Nobody wants to undermine their reputation, and therefore they will have to fulfill their obligations.

A special type of motivation is the desire to be like an authoritative person. Most often, this motivation is adolescents trying to imitate their idols. The main thing is that this imitation be useful and help later find yourself. When we have an example of a successful person who has achieved something, the question involuntarily arises: “Why can he, but I can not?” This is the first impetus to action. So fans of musicians learn to play the guitar and piano, fans of soccer players or hockey players begin to seriously engage in sports, revealing their talents and reaching heights.

Everyone needs a role model, first of all for their own improvement, the realization that success is not given in vain. In this sense, Nicholas Vujicic is a unique example. This amazing person, born without arms and legs, could not only find his happiness, but also help thousands of people, proving that everything is possible! The life story of Nicholas impressed the whole world, and his books, which became world bestsellers, inspired readers, made them believe in themselves and learn to overcome any difficulties and obstacles. Such motivation can even bring a person back to life, giving him hope for the best!

When it seems that a black stripe has come, when your hands drop, it is important to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to clearly know why you need to once again overcome your laziness, for which you should immediately get up and take action. And then forces and energy will appear, and wings will grow behind him. This is the greatest role of motivation – our driving force. That is why it is so important to motivate yourself in order to live a full life and become a real person with a capital letter.