Do Childhood Dreams Affect Career Choices?

Childhood is an important time in the life of every person. During this period, the child learns the world, important qualities are formed in it. In childhood, every child dreams of who he wants to become. Some want to become president, astronaut, others – a doctor, hairdresser. But the choice of the child is not constant, it changes with age. But do childhood dreams affect career choices? What impact do they have on a person in the future? Let’s figure it out.

Firstly, children’s dreams are formed on the basis of work or the opinions of adults. For example, a child can observe the work of a salesperson. He will like the lesson, he will see a number of advantages in this and will want to become a seller. Such desires usually influence the further choice of a profession. But the child may also be attracted to the work of a maid, but adults will dissuade, trying to do “better.” Thus, desire will disappear. It is worth noting that this can bring a person a lot of problems in the future, since you just can’t find yourself or an activity that attracts you.

Secondly, the child’s hobbies directly affect the further choice of a profession. If a child in childhood loved to draw, then he certainly dreamed of becoming an artist. The likelihood that in the future he will become an artist is very high. Talented and gifted children strive for their dreams, making them their goals in the future.

Thirdly, the profession of parents and relatives influence the choice of a profession. Parents’ professions have a huge impact on children. For example, if a child has a teacher’s parents, then this profession will sympathize with him, and parents, accordingly, will support the choice. There are also families in which the entire dynasty was, for example, doctors, so it is likely that in the future a person will choose this profession. Children’s impressions play a big role in life. Especially if close people influence these impressions.

Fourth, children’s dreams directly affect not only the choice of a profession, but also on the whole life path as a whole. Children are very dreamy, their dreams are unlimited. Dreaming for a child is very important. Dreams are not always real, but over time they are consistent with reality. There will be an opportunity to bring them to life. Sometimes people abandon their childhood dreams in favor of demand, higher wages and so on. But usually people still come to a childhood dream, even choosing a different profession. A childhood dream still accompanies a person throughout his life. For example, if a child wanted to become an astronaut, then in the future he may be interested in astronomy.

Thus, a childhood dream directly affects the further choice of a profession. Therefore, when choosing a profession, it is worth remembering a dream that was in childhood.

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Since childhood, every child dreams of having a good and interesting profession. Someone wants to become a singer, someone a businessman, someone a doctor. With age, the child’s train of thought changes, desires, interests change, and dreams become goals. The goal is to become a useful person for society, friends, family and, finally, for yourself.

A dream becomes a reality if a person purposefully goes to it. It also happens that the profession that the child chooses in the future does not at all coincide with the dream.

One country has an interesting tradition. According to tradition, when a child has his first tooth, objects that symbolize different professions are placed in front of him. The first subject that the child chooses becomes his future profession. But one cannot be based on such superstitions, because each person has his own fate.

No need to choose a profession based on school grades or the opinions of others. You need to listen to your inner voice. The dream that you had as a child can turn into reality, and it will make you move forward, achieve heights and good results.

In childhood, children have an open perception of the world. They can honestly and unconsciously choose the sphere that is truly interesting and close to them. It was during these years that children developed intuition and curiosity, which helps them to be open to this world and try to learn more and more information. Parents need to listen to children at this age, to understand what they want in order to further develop the creative potential and abilities of their children. It is in this way that the child acquires motivation and a desire to learn.

There is no concrete confirmation that dreams must necessarily become reality. Each person decides who to become, where to work and what to do in his life. If the child dreamed of becoming a doctor, then he grew up and still thinks of becoming a doctor, he will do everything for this. And if his dream disappears with age, the goal appears – to become not a doctor, but, for example, a businessman.

If in the middle and at the end of the twentieth century a childhood dream influenced the choice of a profession from 50% to 70%, now, with the development of technology and the emergence of new professions, this influence has significantly decreased, because at a young age children were not familiar with new professions, arising from the development of new technologies.

The point is not who you will be, but whether you will like what you do and whether you will benefit. It is necessary to take into account what is not important, whether it is a dream or a goal, you should always try to make the world better with your knowledge. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, if you have at least some opportunity, you should try to take from life the knowledge that will be very useful in the future.