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On December 28, 1895, the Lumiere brothers publicly demonstrated a number of their films at the Grand Cafe on the Capuchin Boulevard in Paris. This date is considered the birthday […]

When we talk about a career, very often the most important one is taken out of the definition given in open sources, as I see the point. Here is the […]

Human life is a series of various events and actions, the achievement of goals. Everyone strives to become successful, to find happiness and harmony. However, everything in life is far […]

The image of Prince Henry is very complex, which was noted by the nineteenth-century Shakespeareans; some of them even thought that, in complexity and versatility, Prince Henry followed Hamlet directly […]

The historical conditions for the formation of Smith’s ideas. The classical bourgeois political economy reached its highest development in the writings of British scholars Adam Smith and David Ricardo, since […]