Case Develpment

Completed Cases (December 2011)
1. Negotiating Better Teamwork (workshop)
2. ABN AMRO in the Volvo Ocean Race
3. Strategic Challenges Facing Captive Centres
4. Match and Mismatch: The Wahaha-Danone Dispute
5. Dow’s Acquisition Program
6. The Business Network of the Alibaba Group
7. The Delicate Quest for Corporate Environmental Sustainability
8. 3.0
9. Mitka: Sustainable Commuter Transport10.MeOnTV
11.Koppert Cress: Creation of New Markets
12.Global Emergence of Chinese Brands? Li Ning’s Grand Entrance
13.TomTom: New Competition Everywhere!
14.Intuitive Surgical, Inc.: How Long Can Their Monopoly Last15.NII Holdings, Inc.
16.Best Buy Co., Inc.: Sustainable Customer Centricity Model17.iRobot: Finding the Right Market Mix18.Delta Air Lines: Navigating the “Red Ocean”
19.Wells Fargo: The Future of a Community Bank
20.Whole Foods Market 2010
21.AB Electrolux: Challenging Times In The Appliance Industry
22.Beauty and the Beast: Proctor & Gamble’s SK-II Incidents
23.Dwarf Buys Giant: Spyker’s Acquisition of Saab
24.Negotiating Eco-innovation: The Bargaining Game of Green Solutions
25.Crisis as Opportunity: Shell HR Transformation
26. SAP Value Partnership (article)
27. Uncovering Opportunities: BI Strategic Account Management I
28. Growing Together: BI Strategic Account Management II
29. Value Creation In Creative Processes: IFF Change Management
30. Siemens Key Account Management: Lost in Central Asia31. Blue Nile, Inc.: “Stuck in the Middle” of the Diamond Engagement Ring
32. Tesla Motors, Inc.: The First U.S. Car Company IPO Since 1956
33. Logitech: Finding Success through Innovation and Acquisition
34. A123 Systems: A New Lithium-ion Battery System for Electric and Hybrid
35. Start Up RedPack Beach Lockers to Unlock Potentials
36. The Promotion (exercise)
37. KPN and Atos Origin: Salvaging an IT Outsourcing Deal
1. Negotiating Better Teamwork (workshop)