Carbon Cyle and Its Effect on Man

Table of Content Pages:
1. Introduction
2. Acknowledgement
3. Define The Industrial Revolution
4. Effect of Combustion on carbon dioxide level
5. Effect of Deforestation on carbon dioxide level
6. Effect of Deforestation on carbon dioxide level Cont’d
7. Green House Effect
8. Enhance Green House Effect
9. Enhance Green House Effect Cont’d
10. Enhance Green House Effect Cont’d
11. Enhance Green House Effect Towards Global Warming
12. Effects of Global Warming
13. Effects of Global Warming Cont’d
14. Carbon foot print Definition And Its Importance
15. Practices to Reduce Carbon Foot Print
16. Definition of Kyoto Protocol And Its Relevance
17. Pictures
18. ReferenceIntroduction
This project is about the effects of the carbon cycle on man. In this project you will learn about the industrial revolution, the effects of combustion and deforestation on the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect and the gases and the effects etc. Life of earth is based on carbon. Living things acquire carbon from their environment – from air, Water, soil, and rock and from other living things. Carbon moves in complex chemical and physical transfers from sources, or reservoirs, where carbon is released, to sinks, where carbon is taken up. This movement is the global carbon cycle. Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, land, and living things can be both sources and sinks of carbon. The processes of photosynthesis, respiration, death, and decomposition move carbon through the
Carbon cycle partly as carbon dioxide. In Earth’s atmosphere, CO2 is only about 0.03% by volume, but it is an important “greenhouse” gas. It traps in the lower atmosphere much of the heat radiated from the Earth’s surface. The future effect of increasing atmospheric CO2 worries many people. More CO2
Should trap more…